Prehistory Experience

Activity Overview

Travel from being Neolithic Hunter Gatherers to Bronze Age Potters and Iron Age Farmers in this dynamic journey through a million years of Prehistory. The day starts with a demonstration of the evolution from Stone to Iron Age showing real metal ores.

  • Stone Age Flint tools talk and Soap Knapping Arrow Heads
  • Make Your Own Bronze Age Beaker Pot
  • Grind Grain on Iron Age Quern Stones and make Dough
  • Trade and Barter

Trading has two parts:

  • Part 1: your class will swap real artefacts as they role play as characters and use numerical problem solving in the trading game
  • Part 2: your pupils will enjoy trading by swapping their pocket money for Celtic gold coins to trade for the more precious produce in the shop

“All activities were practical, packed full of historical facts, vocabulary rich! Brilliant!.” Jaclyn Orchant, Little Ealing, PE, March 2020

All of the activities really helped to engage the children, consolidate what they have learnt and develop their knowledge and understanding.” Amie Macura, Oak Farm, November 2019

“All activities were interactive and kept the attention of the children: accessible to ALL. Having our Prehistory leader as the expert and “in role” made the whole experience engaging and believable.” Miss Nurse, The Grove, September 2019

FSM Pupils Go Free! Valid Until July 2024

100% bursary for Free School Meal pupils guaranteed in four simple steps :

1. Complete the booking form for your trip by clicking the button below
2. Download the bursary form here and email to Celtic Harmony so we can confirm your bursary
3. When Celtic Harmony invoices your school, pay for your trip
4. Once the trip has been paid for Celtic Harmony will transfer your bursary funding to the school bank account

£20 / Student

Adult Helpers FREE
A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm for KS2
Ratio of 1 adult helper to 8 Children

Hands-on education


“The practical nature of the activities was good. The best part was the guide who gave us so much detail and information on Prehistory”

- S Holland

Teacher, Sarum Hall School


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