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Prehistory Experiences to increase understanding of our ancient heritage & improve wellbeing

With its thatched roundhouses and native woodland, Celtic Harmony is a place like no other. For over twenty years, children and visitors have been rediscovering the natural world and traditions of life in ancient Britain through creative hands-on activities that engage the imagination and improve wellbeing.

Our active Prehistory Experiences, whether on a school trip, a family day out or a volunteer day, are designed to bring people together, creating a sense of belonging to our local natural and cultural heritage and building confidence through new skills and the visual results of practical work.

Develop knowledge of Prehistory through a range of themed day and overnight experiences packed with hands-on activities

Our Mission

Celtic Harmony enables people of all ages and backgrounds to experience Prehistory through a range of fun and educational programmes and events in a reconstructed Iron Age settlement, promoting a more sustainable way of life in harmony with the natural world.

Charity Objectives

Celtic Harmony provides hands-on cultural heritage education of ancient Britain, stimulating an awareness of a more sustainable way of life in harmony with the natural world.

Registered Charity Number 1156199


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