Stone Age Day

Stone Age Trip Activities

Could YOU survive the Stone Age?

Walk in the footsteps of Neolithic Hunter Gatherers and bring your lessons to life with a Stone Age Day trip!


  • Watch the Friction Fire lighting display
  • Gather food in the forest and cook with prehistoric herbs
  • Build your own woodland shelter
  • See the flint knapping demonstration, view our stone tools and hunt the mammoth!
  • Become Stone Age traders, with authentic props such as skins, horns and hammer stones.

 A major benefit was being able to visualise and experience things we have been talking about in class, such as flint knapping.” Mrs Pimenta, Chesham Bois C of E School, 15/09/2023

KS2 Learning Aims:


  • Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to Iron Age: Late Neolithic hunter gatherers and early farmers for example Skara Brae.


  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team.
  • Use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination.
  • Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.

PSHE and Citizenship

  • Facing new challenges and working as part of a team.
  • Thinking about the lives of people from other times and customs.
  • Strengthening interaction skills with peers without a social objective

Numeracy (Trading option)

  • Adding/subtracting small numbers without pen/paper or calculator and gaining confidence with mathematical skills

Adult Helpers FREE (Ratio of 1:8 Adult to Children)
A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm for KS2

FSM Pupils Go Free! Valid Until July 2024

100% bursary for Free School Meal pupils guaranteed in four simple steps :

1. Complete the booking form for your trip by clicking the button below
2. Download the bursary form here and email to Celtic Harmony so we can confirm your bursary
3. When Celtic Harmony invoices your school, pay for your trip
4. Once the trip has been paid for Celtic Harmony will transfer your bursary funding to the school bank account

£20 / Student

Hunting the Mammoth!
Den Building

“All activities were brilliant, bringing the learning to life. The children particularly enjoyed hunting and den building. The Prehistory Centre was also an excellent space, perfect for hands-on activities. Thank you for a great day!”

Mrs Barras

Year 3 teacher, St Alban & St Stephen Primary School, September 2023


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