Boudicca Warrior Day

Bring your Celts topic to life at the UK’s largest reconstructed Iron Age settlement!

The Chieftain Prasutagus of the Iceni tribe has died and the Romans are closing in on East Anglia! Boudicca is calling your pupils to join her to fight the invaders and triumph over the Romans! Complete the challenges to earn gold coins and become Catuvellauni warriors!

  • Train as a Celtic Warrior 
  • Learn the art of Archery
  • Explore the woods on Boudicca’s Quest
  • Craft your own Warrior Headbands and War Paint your Clan
  • Trade and Barter

Trading has two parts:

Part 1: Your class will swap real artefacts as they role play as Celtic characters and use numerical problem solving

Part 2: Pupils enjoy swapping their pocket money for Celtic gold coins to trade for the more precious produce in the shop

The day ends with the announcement of the winning Clan in the Chieftain Roundhouse!

“The quest adventure activity was particularly great, it gave the kids a chance to work as a team and it involved lots of different skills.” Liam Bratchford, Lea Valley, 2023

“All activities created great teamwork! Also the headband weaving helped to build resilience.” Elaine, Hillmead, 2023

“The kids loved archery and warrior training!” Josh Fogary, Hearts & Wings, desc 2023

“We loved the archery, and the mix of activities was really good. The educators were great with the kids. They were friendly and knowledgeable.” Mrs Robinson, Aboyne Lodge Primary School, 2023

£25 / Student

FSM Pupils Go Free!

100% bursary for Free School Meal pupils guaranteed in four simple steps :

1. Complete the booking form for your trip by clicking the button below
2. Download the bursary form here and email to Celtic Harmony so we can confirm your bursary
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4. Once the trip has been paid for Celtic Harmony will transfer your bursary funding to the school bank account

Adult Helpers FREE
A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm suitable for KS2
Ratio of 1 adult helper to 8 Children
Boy shooting Archery
Girls Facepaint
Trading Game
Warriors Attack!
Warrior Quest

Hands-on education


The children benefited from being inside the roundhouses. Enabled children with SEN to integrate fully with rest of the class which is not usually possible without extreme differentiation and one-to-one support!

- Rebecca Eames

Teacher, Chesham Preparatory School

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