Stone to Iron Age Experience

Experience life from a  Stone Age Hunter Gatherer to an Iron Age Chieftain!

Fully immersive day of activities to inspire your pupils and discover all the secrets of Prehistory, perfect mid way transition between a day and residential trip.

Your day starts at 10am and finishes at 8pm, including an afternoon snack and cooked dinner.

Morning Activities

  • Watch the Friction Fire lighting display
  • Gather food in the forest and cook with prehistoric herbs
  • Build your own woodland shelter.
  • See the flintknapping demonstration, view our stone tools and hunt the mammoth!

Afternoon Activities

  • Train as a Celtic Warrior and defeat the Romans!
  • Learn the art of Archery
  • Explore the woods on Boudicca’s Quest
  • Trade and Barter

Typical Menu

  • Dinner including Cheesy Pasta, Jacket Potatoes, baked beans, carrots/cucumber/ lettuce, dessert.
  • Afternoon snack of citrus fruit and flapjack/cakes

Evening Games

  • Field Games
  • Team Building
  • Roasting Marshmallows
  • Storytelling in the Chieftain Roundhouse

Trading has two parts:

  •  Part 1: your class will swap artefacts as they role play as characters and use numerical problem solving in the trading game
  • Part 2: your pupils will enjoy trading, by swapping their pocket money for Celtic gold coins to trade for the more precious items in the shop

“Cooking: very interesting and great way to introduce new things. Foraging: Great to see parts of our science lessons! All of the activities were definitely memorable.” Callum Syrett from Russell Lower School, March 2020 

 “Because Prehistory is hard for children to understand, this trip really helps bring the whole topic to life for them.” Cressida Whitfield from Roebuck Academy, September 2019

£70 / Student

Adults Free

Including afternoon snack and evening meal

Please provide a pack lunch
A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 8.00pm for KS2
Ratio of 1 adult helper to 8 Children


“Being outside doing hands-on activities is why we love coming here. All of the activities are great because they will remember them.”

- Lisa Dykstra

Year 3 teacher, Winsor School, September 2019


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