Iron Age Farmer Day

Activity Overview

Learn hands-on from our farmers at the biggest reconstructed Iron Age settlement in Britain, located in Hertfordshire! This exciting Iron Age trip will help you work towards many curricular outcomes… Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture.

  • Explore our Chieftain’s roundhouse
  • Grind Grain on Quern Stones to make Bread
  • Weave yarn on Warp Weighted Looms
  • Help to Cook Iron Age Soup and Dye bracelets with fresh herbs
  • Trade and Barter

Trading has two parts:

  • Part 1: your class will trade real artefacts as they roleplay as Iron Age farmers and use numerical problem solving in the trading game
  • Part 2: your pupils will swap their pocket money for Celtic gold coins to trade for the more precious produce in the shop

“The weaving and bread making was excellent! It really showed what daily life was like.”Mollie, Field Junior, 08/03/2022

“All of the activities were brilliant. It was great for the children to have hands-on learning experiences. The activities brought their learning to life.” – S Tilley, Chesham Bois, 01/04/2022 

“The children loved the trading and we loved the maths link! It was very cross-curricular.” – Ellie Fisher, morgans, 02/12/2022

“The day was fantastic! An amazing immersive experience.” – Claire Harding, St Johns College, 03/10/2022

FSM Pupils Go Free!

100% bursary for Free School Meal pupils guaranteed in four simple steps :

1. Complete the booking form for your trip by clicking the button below
2. Download the bursary form here and email to Celtic Harmony so we can confirm your bursary
3. When Celtic Harmony invoices your school, pay for your trip
4. Once the trip has been paid for Celtic Harmony will transfer your bursary funding to the school bank account

£20 / Student

Adult Helpers FREE
A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm for KS2
Ratio of 1 adult helper to 8 Children

Hands-on education

The children loved it, they benefited from the hands-on activities and immersive nature of the day and the environment of reconstructed roundhouses.
- Ruth Taylor

Teacher, UCS Junior School, Iron Age Trip

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