Experimental Archaeology

At Celtic Harmony, we promote a sustainable way of living and embracing of the natural world and traditions of life in Ancient Britain. We pass on this message through our school visits, where children learn about Prehistory and about primitive technology that has been rediscovered today through experimental archaeology.

Gaining these skills and knowledge is vital to our Education staff, who act as time-travelling prehistoric guides to fully immerse our visitors in Ancient Britain. We are always improving and working on our skills: flint knapping, archery, cordage-making, weaving on looms, using Iron Age herbs. We also get opportunities to make fascinating artefacts for the children to see and hold, such as willow fish traps, birch bark containers or a giant handmade woven net.

13th – 14th January

Our Education Team was visited by Will Lord, Prehistoric survival skills expert, for a hands-on workshop. Over these two days, the team learned how to make nets, cordage and leather pouches! These skills would have been employed by our ancestors to keep them healthy and fed! We began by making our own wooden needles and carving them from lime and yew. Then, we were shown how to use our newly-made tool to weave a lovely net that would have been used for fishing or laying traps to catch food as far back as the Stone Age.

The following day, we used natural fibers such as nettle and lime bast to twist into cordage and string. This was fiddly work but worth it! Now, we had some cordage to sew together some cow skin to make snug pouches to keep our wooden tools safe. We added small pieces of antler as buttons to make them our own!

The team are now able to discuss how our ancient ancestors made use of the natural materials around them to hunt, gather and trap their food. Amazing knowledge to pass onto new school visitors when we re-open in February!

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