Traffic Diversion

Traffic Diversion - September to October 14th 2021

Please note that from July to October 14th, if you access Celtic Harmony Camp from the Hertford side there will be roadworks on Brickendon Lane and you will need to follow the diversion routes below.


From A10 Broxbourne

If you are travelling via the A10 there is a route which may be suitable but is not signed as an alternative on the road. Please travel to the Broxbourne/Turnford exit signposted A1170

View A10 Broxbourne Diversion Map


From Hertford

If you are travelling from Hertford please follow the diversion route  below that is signposted on the road.

View Hertford Diversion Map


There is more information about the roadworks and a wider diversion at

Please allow an extra 15 – 20 minutes for your travel.

If you need to contact us on the day of your trip please call us on mobile 07508874495 or mobile 07508874488 or tel: 01438 718543.