The First Woodland Workshop

by Mar 12, 2024

The First Woodland Workshop

With thanks to our partners at Groundwork East, we want to celebrate the completion of our first Woodland Workshop project.

Our first cohort braved the rather wet weather of February to help our Conservation Volunteers develop and maintain our beautiful rural site here in Brickendon.

Groundwork East and Celtic Harmony Camp have created a partnership that enables volunteers to join us for four sessions over the course of a month to get an introduction to woodland conservation and become part of the Celtic Harmony community.  

Last month our team of intrepid volunteers supported us in planting a new dogwood hedge which will soon begin to flower, adding a new splash of colour to the site. They also prepared wood to be seasoned for next year’s fires, and cleared several areas of old growth in the forest – fresh for regeneration in the emerging spring. They also spent a fair bit of time drinking hot drinks in our cafe when we needed to escape the rain!

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone from the February cohort and hope that you will stay in touch. You are welcome back to get involved again at any time and we are really glad that some of you will be joining us in an ongoing capacity. 

Harry, we want to give you a big welcome to the team as a new Conservation Volunteer!

Volunteer chopping tree

Raj, I’m always happy to hear more recipes when you want to pop by again.  

We wish all our volunteers the best and hope you all manage to build the remote log cabins of your dreams!

Have you ever thought about giving up a few hours a week to spend some quality time outdoors, meeting new people and learning new skills? Then our Woodland Workshops might be for you.

If you don’t have your own transport, don’t worry – Groundwork have it sorted. Pick ups and drop offs in their dedicated transport are available.

If you are interested in getting involved, follow this link and get in touch with Groundwork East. 

We have some interesting tasks lined up for the next couple of weeks and hope that our March cohort also finds opportunity in the experience and resulting improvement in their wellbeing.