Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

If you’re looking for a day out of the office where you and your colleagues can gain new experiences, take part in team building exercises and boost your communications skills, then Celtic Harmony is for you.

Set in the tranquil and natural settings of Bourne Wood, the camp is a reconstruction of a Celtic Iron age Settlement, which includes a Chieftain Roundhouse, Iron Age Barn, Ancient breeds of Shetland Sheep, Herb Garden, Archery Field, Wooded Hunting Zone and acres upon acres of un-spoilt woodland. The camp allows you step back into Celtic times, enabling you to experience the ancient culture, crafts, and a range of activities.

There are various days in which you can book for your team building day, such as the Archery Challenge and the Iron Age Challenge, in which teams work together taking part in tasks, while learning ancient skills. There are also Conservation days, where teams of volunteers come and do Scrub Clearances around the camp and help maintain the Iron Age buildings and structures. The preparations of workshops are also available for groups to come and set up, which all goes towards our School & Family Programme and Social Enterprise.

We have had many successful team building days, Give & Gain day being one of them. This took place on the 18th May, where 8 employees from Sutton Affinity volunteered at the camp, by re-insulating our new Iron Age Barn, and did an excellent job. Chris Williams, Co-ordinator of the event had this to say:

“Located just outside Hertford this charity has, for over twelve years, been delivering high quality, hands-on heritage education and events focused around local Celtic traditions. They have an amazing Iron Age settlement with Roundhouses, Herb Garden and ancient breed animals set in 13 acres of beautiful woodland.”
Chris Williams, Co-ordinator, 18/05/12

Refreshments and food can be provided if required. So if you would like to be able to give something back to the community, and experience things you wouldn’t normally in the office environment, then come and step back in time at the Celtic Harmony Camp.

Best Team Building Day Ever!

Improving collaboration and increasing effectiveness


I’d like to thank you and your wonderful staff for providing us with a really excellent team day. I know from the reaction of everyone involved just how much we all enjoyed ourselves – we have some great photos to prove the point!


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