Thank you Volunteers from HRC!

by Jun 21, 2024

Thank you Volunteers from HRC!

After a number of brilliant sessions, Celtic Harmony has had to say goodbye to an excellent team of volunteers. We were joined for the summer term by a cohort of students from Hertford Regional College, (Inclusive Learning Department) who blew us away with their energy, enthusiasm and positivity.   

Through sunshine and rain, we were delighted to work with this group during their fortnightly sessions. We supported them to understand the importance of sustainable forest management and the students enjoyed assisting us to carefully manage our 14 acres of woodland. 

They relished the opportunity to get their hands dirty and were happy to get stuck in, learning how to use tools and other woodland management techniques. As an education charity, we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to sneak a little bit of history into the programme, giving the students a chance to examine some Stone and Iron Age artefacts (mainly spears and axes), in order to gain a better understanding of the Prehistory we teach.

In their penultimate session, students learned how woodland management often isn’t as easy as it seems and that sometimes foresters have to balance bigger obligations against the whims of nature. Part of our site is under a local authority covenant that requires us to keep it clear of obstruction and with the recent deluges of rain, we had a lot of new growth coming up. 

Our Hertford Regional College team were relentless in their work and turned what could have been an exhausting task into a fun day that served to restore our tree-free meadow area back to its prime. The unwanted growth was removed, enabling the crowded plants and wildflowers to flourish once again.  

Student feedback indicates that they enjoyed the woodland activities and the ambience of the site. Many of them were particularly impressed to learn that the site featured heavily in the Horrible Histories film! Particularly as they were sitting in the same Chieftain’s hut that comedian Nick Frost resided in when playing the part of Arghus, a long suffering parent and head of his tribe.

As the Hertford Regional College ILD covers multiple year groups we are looking forward to welcoming back students who will be returning after the summer – and also to those who want to return as independent Conservation Volunteers.

To those who are moving on to the next stage of life, we wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do. You have demonstrated great commitment to volunteering here, and if you can show the same dedication to the next stage of your journey, you will find success in whatever you do.

“Working at Celtic Harmony Camp has been an amazing experience for our additional needs learners. The staff were very at ease and kept everyone working and supporting each other to finish tasks. We hope to continue this opportunity in the future.”

Sabina Teale, Hertford Regional College


To volunteer independently with Celtic Harmony – click here to see current opportunities.

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